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About Me

Welcome to my site. a space i've created to share recipes, projects, reviews, stories and more.  

My name is Hoda and I am a mum to three gorgeous children, wife to an amazing husband, counsellor, social worker and a massive foodie! I still remember the first meal I made as a young girl (simple stir fry) which kick started my love and passion for all things food and led me to the MasterChef Australia Kitchen in 2018. 

With a Lebanese heritage, I grew up in an environment where food was the centre of any and every family and social gathering.  Whether it be welcoming guests, hosting dinner parties, visiting people it was and still is compulsory for food to be front and centre.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Applied Social Science, a Masters in Social Work and have worked in the Mental Health space for over 10 years. Throughout my career Ive witnessed first hand the poverty that exists within some of our communities in Sydney and while I like to cook and create many different dishes, I have a genuine interest in working towards tackling food insecurity through educating communities on nutritional cooking on a budget and the reduction of food wastage.

I would describe my style of cooking as homely, honest and generous. Given that we live in a world where time is of the essence, I love creating recipes that gives you a gorgeous outcome on a plate with minimal ingredients and processes, giving you more time to enjoy your creations with your family.


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